Small Group Studies

There are a variety of group studies for your group to select from.  We encourage you to pick one that focuses on growing both your marriage and faith.  The following are some suggestions from group members.

Homebuilder’s series

Homebuilders is a small-group Bible study developed by FamilyLife dedicated to making your family all that God intended. Whether you’ve been married for years or are newly married, this series will help you and your spouse discover timeless principles from God’s Word that you can apply to your family. This series offers a diverse selection of topics suitable for couples in any stage of marriage, such as Building Your Marriage to Last, Improving Communication.

We’ve found that series tends to be a good one for new Couples in Christ groups who form.


Check out the variety of marriage material related to this movie focused on never leaving your partner behind.  We’ve also found that this tends to be a good resource for new groups forming.

The Five Love Languages

This is a classic marriage resource we recommend doing at any stage with your group.

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