Welcome to Genesis!

We are excited to share with you more about us.  As we named our group after the first book of the bible, as we are the first Couples in Christ group to form, this overview of the book of Genesis is pertinent.

Significance of our name

The book of Genesis is about many beginnings – the beginning of the universe, the beginning of the human race, the beginning of sin and the beginning of God’s promises and plan of salvation.  Genesis is mainly a story of relationships – between God and his people, between God and nature, between his people and others.  Genesis reminds us of the beautiful ways in which God intiates and enters into covenants with all of his chosen people and how he pledges his love and faithfulness to us.
(- NIV translation)

It is through forming our group that the beginning of the larger ministry began; the core purpose of Couples in Christ is to grow in relationship with God, our spouses and other couples; the hope is that this ministry will strengthen your marriage covenant; and that everyone will pledge to each other and receive from love and faithfulness.

How we operate

We are beginning our fifth year together.  We meet on Sunday evenings in each other’s homes monthly Sept. – April.  In May we go on a weekend retreat at the Barta’s cabin in which we focus on going deeper into topics as well as having fun together. We’ve gone to a marriage conference together, done a couple of service projects and have had a few social events as couples.  Each summer we host a family event, where we gather all of our kids to meet and connect with each other.  The picture here is from our last event the summer of 2011.

Meet John and Janae Bower

We are so grateful to be part of this wonderful group of friends!  For many years we had hoped to work with married couples.  Through this ministry we’ve been able to do that and find some friends who are genuinely interested in sharing their lives with us.  Each time that our group meets, we grow deeper in our faith and our relationship at the same time.  We pray that others will be as blessed as we have been with their experience.

Meet Mike & Kristin Jordan

We joined our Couples in Christ group to get to know other couples in the parish who had a similar desire to grow in their faith and relationship with each other.  It has forced us to set aside time that is dedicated to better understand God’s plan for our marriage as well as our role as parents.  We’ve come to value the opportunity the group provides for us to share the successes and challenges we all face in our marriage.

Meet Brandon & Brigit Voss

We wanted something to focus our marriage on that intertwined God in it.  Being with people that wanted the same thing was a must!

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