The Church of Saint Paul would like to welcome you to our Couples in Christ ministry.  We are grateful to have this ministry within our church as a way of offering married couples the opportunity to enrich their marriages and grow their faith.

Our three areas of focus:

Spiritual -Who we are before God

The groups are centered around learning to love as Christ loved us.  Our theme verse is “We love because he first loved us. ” – 1 John 4:19

Relational -How we relate to God and others

Each couple grows in relationship with each other as they meet together in small groups on an ongoing basis.  Couples within the groups strengthen their own married relationship.  God designed us to be in relationship and to intimately share our lives with others; which allows us that whatever we are going through as a couple, we have others who are partaking in that experience with us.

Practical -How we live out our faith on a daily basis

The ministry is focused on helping married couples of all stages live out their marriage on a daily basis.  The marriage/faith studies that each group selects and the ways that members within the group share with each other help all group members with the practical, every day challenges that marriages face.

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